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Smart Play Engage is an online resource hub for Schools, Charities, Projects and Organisations in Scotland that use play in their setting. It’s host to a number of play activities, forums and Events

Whether you’re a play practitioner, a teacher or play worker – You can have access to a full directory of organisations within Scotland as well as our play based E-learning courses

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Our Resources

#PlayChat - our regular, informal online meeting to liaise and chat with projects, groups and organisations about all things play
Membership Resources
Member of Smart Play Network - enjoy resources and all manner of information to help support you or your setting
Play in a Pod Resources
Play in a Pod members can request and have access to all the resources and information for Play in a Pod
#PlayChat Podcast
#PlayChat Podcast - our regular online Podcast - we chat with projects, groups and organisations about all things play
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Here you're able to purchase additional tools and resources for you setting
Groups & Forums
Take part in our Groups and Forums - Introduce yourself, share best practice & connect with like-minded groups, projects & individuals
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View our Members Directory and add yourself to the network
Event - view and add events and promote those to fellow members. Adding an event requires you log-in and create an account
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Here you'll be able to book a service - Things such as #PlayChat
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