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Welcome to SPN ENGAGE!!

SPN Engage is Smart Play Networks hub for learning and interacting online about all things play. As such, this small guide will help you navigate through the site and allow you to make the most of your experience. We’ve enclosed videos, as well as all manner of hints, tips and tricks. There is an FAQ section that you can refer back to at anytime too.

Thanks for joining us and let’s begin!


Learning to Navigate SPN Engage

Selecting a Course
Navigating through a Course
Completing a Course
Messaging / Questions / Assignments

Groups & Forums

What are Groups
What are Forums
Making Friends
Building Community

PiP Membership

What is PiP Membership


This may be because you haven't selected 'Complete' at the bottom of that section. Once you have completed a section, you are then able to progress to the next lesson or section
Not to worry... courses are often designed to be carried out in instalments. Once you reach that section, the remaining will be unlocked once the Live Session has been held
We love to help and there's a number of ways. Firstly you're able to message the course instructor directly. Simply click their name and from the following screen, send them a message. Alternatively, if you have a question that can be directed at peers or our community, you're able to select DASHBOARD from the left hand side and navigate to a group/forum to ask and liaise with fellow members
Certificates can be accessed when you're logged in to the Engage Site by navigating to the left hand menu and selecting the 'Certificates Medal' located at the bottom

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